Voices in my head…

Welcome to my blog!

Since childhood, I have always loved pretending. I imagine we all do! At this present moment, I have an assortment of Vampires, Wizards, Witches, teenagers, adults and ancient ones in my head, for the book I am currently narrating. ‘Immortal Magic. Dark Times’ by B.J Fournier. Honestly, it’s quite the party in there! Occasionally, one escapes into real-life as I practice a witch’s incantation in a broad scottish accent whilst walking my dog, Cilla. Social distancing has never been easier!

This blog is to document my new venture into audiobook narrating. I have many (over 25 years!!) of acting and singing in public venues, and now, I have the enormous privilege to be able to give a voice to characters of ALL genders, ages and species, ALL in the same book, in my tiny home studio. So, I will be sharing with you the ups and downs of auditioning, perfecting (or not!) accents and vocal sounds, the rejection and the success (hopefully!) and………..the editing! And my journey to be the best I can be. If you think it’s easy…you will learn the truth!

If all that sounds up your street, then I look forward to meeting you back here!

Ta ra for now,


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