The role of producer…

I have finished my narration of The Little Exorcist by Alys Daddi. I actually feel quite bereft! I fell in love with the Derwin family. I think you will too.

Now…the production of the audiobook.

Editing to ACX standards is a real learning curve for me. My first book is still in the system, although I have already learned enough to know that I may have ‘ over-produced ‘ it!

In the last month, I have talked to veteran audiobook narrators, the majority of which are now so established, that they are able to hire proofers and editors. Their advice and anecdotes on all things narration has been so helpful, I am very grateful..and I know that I am already improving.

I am actually enjoying the editing, although 42 chapters = looooong days. I am learning as I go.

My author, Alys, has been a joy and has trusted my judgement entirely on the narration and voicing of her characters…she will hear my work at the weekend. I hope she approves!

I start a new genre of book next week..

An erotic story..

Thanks for popping by,

Ta ra

C Xx

2 responses to “The role of producer…”

  1. Hi Cherry! I listened to the little exorcist and I think its great. Your narration really brought the characters to life


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