Sauce for your pasta…

Since we last met, I have completed my first erotica narration.

Firstly, let me tell you that I love erotica. I was, however a little nervous to put my own voice to one; Why? Well..I imagine it is what I thought my friends and family would think. EVERYONE seems excited about it, so on I went.

The story is a fetish one. Microphillia and Macrophillia…

Before you faint, the story (and in fact most) of the author’s stories are sweet, gentle, highly sexy and fun. My particular story involved superheroes and a villain with growth technology!

My foray into audiobook narration is a many splendored thing, and the delving into and lending my voice to different genres is a joy…! Who wants the same sauce on their pasta each day? not me!

Anyway, the book is complete and, I’m happy to report that the author loved it, and has sent me another! Hooray!

Below is a non-explicit snippit.

My next project is a book of poetry…Words without end.

Thanks so much for dropping by, see you soon!

Ta ra


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