Leaving the realms of fantasy…

Well, I’ve finished my narration of this magical, fantastic, funny, life-affirming epic from the brilliant mind of author Vann Chow. Phew! It was quite a ride! Such a cast of characters to voice…and a real challenge for me. I honed cantonese accents of all ages and genders, and Russian, German and Mongolian..! All from watching appropriate films. Supernatural entities, a snake demon and Buddha! There is also the added joy of my singing (as a twenty something guy from England) I mean, THIS is 15 hours of my heart and soul!

It is now out on sale at Audible and Amazon, so pop me in your ears and take me on holiday, a road trip or jogging! I hope you enjoy the book, it really is quite remarkable.


My next book is a horror anthology based on the favourite songs of Author Mathew Cash, Burdizzo Books.

I have just completed the first story, based on a song by The Stone Roses. It is darker than Special Agent Dale Cooper’s coffee. I mean it!

Thank you so much for dropping by!

Stay safe and see you soon!


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